The Home Endeavour follows two people, living in Manchester UK on their journey to pull together enough money to buy themselves a home.  My name is Claire, and in January 2017 I am starting from scratch with zero savings in the bank, with the aim of being a homeowner in 2018. Now that’s quite a mission, so what better way to spur me on than by sharing my story with you?

As a beginner myself, I’ll be looking at the wealth of advice out there and seeing what actually works, as well as giving some of my own recommendations. Mainly on how not to turn into a hermit with an out of date wardrobe and feeling totally dull when answering the inevitable “what did you get up to at the weekend?” on a Monday morning.

So who’s the second person? His name is Mike, and he’s been squirrelling cash away since he was 17. My advice would be to follow his lead, it won’t be long before he could get a small place of his own. But we believe in equal partnership and I wouldn’t dream of letting Mike pay for a deposit on our house without doing all I can to double that nest egg.

Why now?

Why haven’t I been squirrelling money away since I was 17 as well? I have something to tell you, I am impatient, frivolous and impractical when it comes to money. Ah, it feels good to be honest about it! You can read about all the things I have done wrong so far here. So that hopefully you can stop some of those bad habits that are hindering your savings goals.

But Mike has taught me the value in saving, it’s taken 2 years but I finally see his point. And now he’s 30, I’m 27 and we want to have a place to call ours. Really ours.

You can track my savings with me here. Tip 1, it’s important to set yourself a goal! Look at me, I’m doing it! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading, if you want to follow my story, give me advice on things to try, or even just get in touch or ask a question, you can join me on your preferred mode of virtual social interaction below.

I can’t wait to hear from you,


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